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The creation of style isn't determined by price, and smart use of discount slipcovers, can outdo careless use of the most expensive custom upholstery. Through experience, you've developed likes and dislikes for furnishing your home. But usually there's a unifying theme which is its general style. And recognition of that style can help you achieve your desired results when you're getting discount slipcovers. Because even if you have mismatched furniture styles, the right slipcover fabric can be a unifying force.

In addition to personal style, there's also design styles that have specific characteristics related to a particular time, location, or art movement. Most people prefer to use the same style furnishings throughout their home, so choosing your discount slipcovers usually depends on your chosen style. But it's also possible to have an eclectic mix of styles to generate a more dynamic feel.

Period styles, such as Victorian or Early American, are rich with dark color wood and simple upholstery. And the fabrics chosen for discount slipcovers can reflect this sort of old world elegance. If you wanted a formal tone, a smooth damask could be used. Or a textured chenille could make for a more relaxed feel.

From Asian to American Southwestern, some styles are defined by location. And they're associated with particular colors and fabrics. For instance, if you're decorating Southwestern style, brown suede discount slipcovers would create a feel of rugged luxury. And for a more casual look, you could use denim slipcovers.

Some styles reflect more a mood than a particular time or place. One such style is romantic. Usually it's a light and feminine with soft lines and muted colors. A typical fabric selection for this style would be a cotton floral print.

Another style not confined to one place or time, is country. Its unifying characteristic is its rustic simplicity. And if you want discount slipcovers for American country, probably nothing says it better than a blue and white check.

If you want to show off your furniture, contemporary style is a good way to do it. Because it tends to be sleek and plain, it can be the perfect setting for objects with more complex shapes, colors, and textures. Contemporary style also lends itself to blending the old with the new and the simple with the exotic.

Because this is your home and not a store window, what satisfies your eye is the most important judge of style. Whether natural or man-made, certain combinations of design are more appealing to you than others. So you should feel free to experiment with discount slipcovers. Their low cost and simplicity make it both practical and easy to do.

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